THANE Systems Engineer III

Position Description

Position Summary

Provides enterprise systems engineering support including requirements development, functional analysis, and system architecture definition.


Role and Responsibilities

The essential roles and responsibilities include:

  • Develops, analyzes, allocates and decomposes system requirements
  • Implements traceability between stakeholder, operational and system requirements
  • Conducts functional analysis.
  • Collaborates with customer and enterprise stakeholders.
  • Develops use case diagrams, sequence diagrams, and block diagrams.
  • Develops system architecture artifacts and system models.
  • Applies system of systems engineering principles.
  • Prepares white papers, studies, and presentations.

Administers DOORS database, manages users, and develops DOORS schema


Qualifications and Education Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in engineering with 10+ years of experience.


Preferred Experience

FAA, Automation, Surveillance, Navigation, Communication, Weather, DOORS, DXL Scripts, System Architect, DODAF, CORE


Debra Smego